Oliver Queen + abs.

And I’m like…


I thought you had a thing for stronger women.

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#THIS GIFSET IS FUCKING IMPORTANT OK??? #Because that line from Slade? #The whole stronger woman bit? #THAT’S LITERALLY WHAT THE MEDIA SOUNDS LIKE #oh STRONGER WOMEN blah blah are only women who kick ass #and women want the ‘stronger woman’ so we’ll make her like a man and totally ignore what we think are the ‘weaker women’ characters #but NO #LOOK AT FELICITY #FUCKING LOOK AT HER #she doesn’t kick ass or beat people u#she’s adorable and funny and cute and loves her dresses and nail polish #BUT TO SAY THAT SHE IS NOT STRONG #WOULD BE A TREMENDOUS MISCALCULATION #because when it comes down to it #SHE IS JUST A GIRL #BUT SHE’S A GIRL IN CONTROL OF HER OWN LIF#WHO DEALS WITH SHIT WHEN IT COMES UP #AND THAT IS FUCKING IMPORTANT #AND THERE IS NOTHING STRONGER (via rosietwiggs)

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cangel appreciation week | day 2: one scene/underrated moment • couplet

cangel appreciation week | day 2: one scene/underrated moment • halloween (btvs)


cangel week ★ favourite season

Can’t fight kyrumption, cinnamon buns. It’s fate. It’s the stars. […] You gotta let her know what’s brewing inside, ‘cause, man, it’s real and - and you don’t wanna miss that shot.


Cangel Appreciation Week | Day 2 - underrated scene: Darla (s2ep7)

And unlike me, maybe she won’t have to go through it alone.

The fact that she says it so simply and effortlessly, and that once again Angel is taken by surprise at her freely given love, is what makes this scene so great, but it’s so tiny. Just a brief phrase and then long intense looks between them, and all the while Wesley is still talking in the background. This will always be a favorite, but small, scene of mine :) (don’t remove my text please)

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cangel appreciation week | day 3: favourite season • season 2

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cangel appreciation week | day 5: most heartbreaking moment • awakening 

Angel Rewatch - 1.12 “Expecting”  (2/?)